Short Code

Short codes are special telephone numbers, are shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from some service providers mobile phones or fixed ones.

There are two types of short codes: dialing and messaging.

Features of short Code

  • 1. Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers.
  • 2. At the technological level, short codes are unique to each operator like telephone numbers.
  • 3. Even so, providers generally have agreements to avoid overlaps.

Benefits of Short Code

  • 1. Short code becomes identifiable with the brand name. It brings recognition in the market.
  • 2. It’s easy to type and remember short codes. A short code is a five digit number so it ends up being much easier for people to enter it into their mobile than a traditional 10 digit number.
  • 3. It is used to send text message coupons, offers, promotions to those customers that had earlier opted-in.