Virtual Number

A virtual number, also known as access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated with telephone line. Commonly, virtual numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, selected by the client; either fixed, mobile or VOIP.

A virtual private number is a telephone number that forwards incoming calls to any of a number of pre set telephone numbers. Also known as follow-me number or personal number.

Virtual telephone number can be set to forward calls to different telephone numbers depending on time of the day and time of the week. For example, on working days incoming calls will be forwarded to work place, but in the weekends to one’s workplace.

Applications of Virtual Telephone Numbers

  • Businesses – A company located in India can have a phone number in any country without paying for a fixed Foreign exchange line. Virtual numbers are very much familiar among call centers which appear to be located in one country, but the fact is they are in one or more countries in different time zones, delivering efficient 24*7 cover
  • Individuals – Main popular users of international virtual numbers are migrants and travelers, who appreciate the fact that their friends and family back home can contact them using local call.
  • Marketing – Some companies use virtual numbers for varying marketing campaigns, or media channels, to track which campaign or medium brings what kind of traffic.
  • Virtual Services – Virtual business service providers (virtual address, virtual receptionist and virtual office) use a virtual number to connect with their other virtual services together into uniform solutions

Benefits of Short Code

  • 1. Short code becomes identifiable with the brand name. It brings recognition in the market.
  • 2. It’s easy to type and remember short codes. A short code is a five digit number so it ends up being much easier for people to enter it into their mobile than a traditional 10 digit number.
  • 3. It is used to send text message coupons, offers, promotions to those customers that had earlier opted-in.