Voice SMS

A voice message is a text message that you can send that includes a message (usually 30s or less) that the other person can hear in text messages.

Also, Voice Broadcasting offers a mass communication stage which will allow enterprise to send hundreds of phone calls immediately and simultaneously

Through Voice Blast feature, customer can send a pre recorded message to thousands of phones from a targeted dialing list

Key Features of Voice SMS

  • For both DND and non DND voice sms, the customer will pay only for answer calls..
  • DND open bulk voice calls are available with a customer’s own register number where as non-DND bulk voice calls are available with dynamic number starting with 140-xxxxxx.
  • Validity available for DND and non DND voice sms is unlimited.
  • The Company ensures 100% delivery on Non- DND and DND numbers. Also, delivery ratio is 100%.
  • Call duration of SMS are not more than 30 seconds
  • Customer can send sms through our web panel./li>
  • Voice format available are WAV, MP3 and AMR
  • Free demo account is powerful: you can try for sms and voice calls to regular phone numbers
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Best delivery time is from 9a.m. to 9 p.m.

Bulk Voice SMS can be widely used for

Bulk voice sms services are widely used in various areas:

  • To promote political campaigns, for voter registrations and vote reminders.
  • To use bulk sms services by insurance and bank sectors as reminders for their EMI and premiums
  • Bulk voice sms services can be used as Appointment reminder
  • It is also widely used in health care services.
  • Widely used by IT staff to alert for escalation process.
  • Stock brokers use these services to provide minute of stock marketing details to their clients./li>