Logo Designing

An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, innovative, memorable, unique, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

In our daily life, we come across numbers of logos. Some of them grab our attention instantly while some of them don’t. Today, if we take a look at the promotional strategies of successful business ventures. They all have one thing in common – a unique logo! A logo is what represents a business. It says a lot about the business as the brand image and its status in the market. A perfectly designed logo will create a positive impression about the business on the online and offline platform and helps in generating sales for the business. Whether a business is on a large scale or small scale, every business needs a logo to make its position in the market and distinguish themselves from that of their competitors.

Major benefits of logo designing


Here mentioned are some of the major benefits of logo designing:-

  • Marketing benefits – An effective logo helps a company in marketing its products. It does a silent job of a salesman and assists throughout in the marketing process. All the marketing portfolios carry your logo wherever they go. When the logo gets noticeable on a regular basis, it gets registered in the mind of the targeted customers. For this purpose, the logo should be attractive, colorful, versatile, and unique. Such logo can be remarkably beneficial especially in cases like new product launches, generating sales, branding etc.
  • People recognize logos easily – As it is well said that a picture can say a thousand words. The human brain is highly sensitive to images, patterns, and colors than text. In fact, brain loves images better tan text and can easily recognize an image. Logos are mostly made of images, patterns, and colors – so the logic is simple which makes them easy to remember. Also, a logo can capture the attention of customers faster than slogans.
  • Depicts stability of the business – As per the studies carried out by the researchers regarding consumer behavior, they generally want to depend on an established company to buy goods or avail services. Having a great logo design is an effective way to establish a company and it’s branding and marketing so, if your company has an elegant logo, you are most likely to stay in the business for a long run.
  • Logos attract more customers – Statistics show that the companies with attractive logos tend to attract more customers than a company with ordinary logo. An attractive logo helps in generating more customers for the business which eventually results in increase revenue and profits. Moreover, old customers also recommend a company product to its new customer which results in increasing clients for the business
  • Encourages investors – Potential investors would love to invest in a reliable and trustworthy company, so it is your duty to represent your company with a professional approach to the investors. A logo is obviously a great tool to highlight the professionalism of your company which will eventually lead to more investors showing interest in investing in your business.
  • Creates uniqueness of the business – Being an identity of a company, a logo should have unique features. Customers will easily forget hundreds of other brands logos and recognize your logo if it is unique it will create a considerable amount of long lasting impact on the consumer
  • Distinguishes your products from fake ones – A logo can distinguish an original product from the fake ones and that of its customers. As many fake companies use established companies logo or create a similar logo in order to sell their products by misleading the buyer. Therefore being a sound entrepreneur one must take precautions. Using QR codes is one such method of protecting logo.
  • Provides legal protection – One you copyright a logo for your business, it is completely yours! No one can copy, use or change your logo for their profitable purposes and use it further. One can also patent their product. If still someone misuses your logo one can take legal action against them and claim for the necessary damage resulting.
  • Branding the product – An attractive logo helps in branding the product. If the product is permanently stored in the minds of the customer the product transforms from an ordinary product to a brand and helps in building a good image and status of the company
  • Generating Sales – A unique logo helps in generating more potential customers which eventually results in generating high sales for the company and greater profit which will automatically result in higher ROI (Return on Investment).