Web Based Software

Web-based software is a package that can be retrieved through web browser. The software and database lies on a central server and is accessed over a network.

Benefits of Web based Software


Small businesses and entrepreneurs should consider the benefits of the web based software approach in planning for their future software requirements. Following are the four major benefits of Web based Software:


  • Regular desktop software packages are installed on computers.
  • You only need to go to the website using a web browser that generally comes with the standard operating system of your computer.
  • Next step is to login with registered account to start it
  • Nowadays many providers are allowing their users to try their applications for free for a sometime before making users decide to purchase the product or service.

Automatic updates

  • Software installed on computers needs regular updates.
  • Web-based applications do not need protection because they are updated automatically.

Connect to work from everywhere

  • With regular software you are restricted to work on a computer.
  • Restriction of doing work on work place is not present when you use web-based software.
  • It does not oblige any limit to where you can work.
  • Your office becomes wherever you want.
  • By this you can work quickly.