Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be cited as marketing techniques that uses pre-existing social networking services and other techniques to improve brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes, similar to spreading viruses

Consumers connect with brands on their own terms and smart use of social media can help to turn a good campaign into a best campaign.

We can create online communities to connect conversations with existing ones and give you a snapshot of what your industry's top bloggers are going to do.

Methods of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing often involves:

  • Customer Participation and polling services
  • Web Search Engines and Blogs/li>
  • Mobile smart phone integration
  • Targeting web services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Industry specific organization contribution

Benefits of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can affect the brand in multiple ways:

  • Cost effective-A viral marketing campaign has a relatively low cost for planning and implementation, depending on its experience, and is within budgetary constraints of many cities marketing organization. Specific viral marketing campaigns initiated by Mazda, old spice, coco cola, Nike, Amul dairy, Virgin Blue with low budgets were significantly able to put up to the level for brand recognition and increases brand loyalty.
  • Enhanced customer list- Customer list plays an important role in online marketing in similar way as it does in offline marketing. It is just the quality of customer decides the business. Every loyal customer that comes through viral marketing adds to customer list and this process works well in enhancing the list.
  • Non – interruptive marketing-non interruption is one of the additional advantages of viral marketing. Viral marketing campaigns, as tend to be non – interruptive, enable consumers to interact proactively instead of dictating them in passive manner
  • Fast growth- Success in Business is slow and steady. Viral marketing is one of the few tactics that has potential to create explosive growth in very less time. Due to the hard core fact that it is facilitated through internet, viral marketing does not recognize geographical boundaries and time limitations to reach the targeted consumer segment.
  • Standard development tool-Built with industry-standard development tools
  • Target potential customers -One of the advantages of viral marketing includes effective customer targeting in a way that viral messages can be devised to gather specifications of target customer segment and then they can be effectively spread within the same group through online channels.
  • Rapid lead generation -Generally everyone focus on sales that results from viral marketing, but the fact that going viral has tremendous impact on lead generation, cannot be ignored

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